Working from home and still plenty of fibre for the Warmington family


“I’d advise anyone who can get fibre broadband to just do it, it’s generally the same price as ADSL except 10 times faster plus download and 30 times faster plus on the upload.”

Thomas Warmington is a developer for a small company which provides IT, internet and online multi-media services to business customers so he is well aware of the benefits of faster fibre broadband.

The Warmington family upgraded their home broadband to a superfast fibre service as soon as it became available in May this year as a result of the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire programme. Before making the upgrade to superfast broadband, the family received download speeds of just 4 Mbps but when they upgraded they opted for a package that enables them to get download speeds of 45 Mbps.

The move to higher speeds has enabled Thomas to work from home when he needs to.  He explains: “Having superfast broadband allows me to work from home without it interfering with anything my family wants to do online at the same time.”

Thomas and his wife Tracey and their two sons Jake (7) and Leo (3) enjoy lots of different aspects of having high-speed broadband. Jake and Leo both have Amazon Fire tablets and they enjoy downloading programmes so they can take them away with them to watch when on holiday. Thomas and Tracey enjoy Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other video streaming services as well as catch-up TV especially now there is no buffering.

Thomas found out about the arrival of fibre broadband in his area by looking on the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire website and then getting in touch with the BBfO team: He explains: “Within 30 minutes of sending an email I had all the information I needed including the exact location of the new cabinet and the expected live date. As soon as it was live I got in touch with BT to upgrade our service. It was easy to do and because I am an existing BT customer, they were able to reduce the price to lower than the competition as well.”

“When we upgraded I don’t think the cabinet upgrade had been widely publicised in our area, so we have also told our neighbours and now they’re going to upgrade as well!”