Satellite Providers

Satellite operators known to provide services in Oxfordshire are listed below. You can check whether they cover your area at their websites:

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Case studies

Following are spotlight articles on two of these companies and the work they are doing in Oxfordshire through the subsidy scheme.

Bigblu Broadband

Why choose Bigblu?

AvonlineBroadbandBigblu is now Europe’s #1 alternative internet provider. We operate in over 30 countries, connecting over 80,000 homes in Europe … and over 120,000 homes worldwide. We help more families than ever connect to great value super-fast broadband through satellite, fixed wireless and 4G networks.

Bridging the Oxfordshire digital divide

Bigblu brings the perfect blend of international expertise and local service to Oxfordshire – it is Europe’s largest provider of satellite broadband, and the company’s headquarters are based in Bicester. From its hub in Oxfordshire it connects rural and homes and businesses across the globe, with its superfast satellite broadband services.

As well as giving customers in Oxfordshire a local touch, it also has the independence that other satellite broadband providers lack – it offers branded satellite broadband tariffs for all the leading European networks providers, including; Avanti, SES and Tooway – giving customers in Oxfordshire (and beyond) a one-stop shop so they can precisely tailor the best solution, service and value for money.

From the sky, a satellite can “connect” to every square mile of the county with the same speed of service, something that no fibre network can ever realistically offer. With satellite, one small dish attached to your home means you can access the same speeds whether you’re on White Horse Hill or commuting to the heart of the city. Its customers say it best - Oxfordshire resident Robert Owen comments:

“I have been very impressed by bigblu. For six years I have had to suffer broadband speeds of less than 0.1Mbps – I have become a regular face at my local pub as that was the only place I could go to check my emails. Having this new connection from bigblu has been life changing. Also, the customer service they have provided has been excellent. They have been particularly helpful, and it’s very reassuring to know that they are based nearby.”

Satellite broadband from bigblu provides a real and cost-effective alternative to a slow or no wired broadband connection. The company can deliver a 30Mbps satellite Internet service, regardless of location.

Bigblu is fully accredited partner of the Better Broadband scheme. As the UK’s biggest satellite broadband provider, it has been at the forefront of negotiations with BDUK, actively encouraging the government to subsidise the installation cost for people that cannot access an affordable broadband service with a speed of at least 2Mbps per second.

Depending where you live, you could be eligible for a free installation and packages offering up to 30Mb superfast broadband. As a result of this scheme, bigblu has helped to get thousands more Brits – and Oxfordshire resident - online.


Wurzel supply Superfast Rural Broadband to the hardest to reach locations. Based in the heart of the countryside in West Oxfordshire, we have helped local farms, businesses, events, estates and residential properties connect to Superfast Broadband. Many of these locations have been let down in the past and numerous Broadband companies have tried and failed. If you would like to know if we can reach your location, please visit and look for your location.

We have an extensive network in place across the rural communities of Oxfordshire and can provide installations within a few days’ notice. We are able to provide temporary or permanent connections. We have supplied high speed internet for single home use, and we have kept tens of thousands of festival goers connected this year at Cornbury festival.


One of Wurzel’s customers:

"We've been running on 1mb for the last two years and Wurzel have brought a stately home into the 21st century with our 35mb connection that suits our business and big event needs. The most amazing thing is, we could have one gigabyte but we don't need it! They specify your usage according to your premises. Great job, thanks!"

Aynhoe Park