Mobile broadband 3G/4G providers

In some parts of Oxfordshire, there are 3G/4G mobile broadband service providers.  You can check whether they cover your area at their websites:


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Case Studies 

Following are some spotlight articles from the above companies and the work they are doing in Oxfordshire. 


Broadband Shack

Broadband Shack is formed on traditional but simple values. We believe in providing the best possible customer experience to all of our customers. The Shack started with a simple idea of wanting to help deliver fast, reliable broadband to the UK. Sound simple? Through in-depth research simple is not the case! There are still hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in rural areas still receiving broadband speeds sub 2 Mbps. Not only that but further thousands of homes and business that are simply fed up of broken promises and poor customer service from traditional providers that are looking for a way out. You guessed it, this is where we come in.

We believe that a fast, reliable broadband connection is now increasingly seen as a utility rather than a luxury. Whether this is due to wanting to stream your favourite series or films, working from home, connecting with family around the world using multiple different video calling platforms or your children needing to complete that all-important homework online. The list could go on and we don’t want to bore with them all but I am sure once we have connected you, you will find out very soon.

One of Broadband Shack’s customers:

“Our Broadband Shack wireless broadband system (with external 4G antenna) consistently delivers 20-22 Mb/s and our business broadband delivers up to 1 Mb/s (OMG). People on the same road with another broadband provider say their speed is dreadful, not fast enough to stream TV. Broadband Shack staff were very helpful and explained all the options. As a small business working online in a rural location with no fibre available, we opted for the larger of 2 external 4G antennas (approx. 70mm Diameter x 350mm Height) and recommend this because we got 20 Mb/s download speed as soon as it was switched on. Broadband Shack came to install the antenna and router so installation was easy. Highly recommend them for both the wireless broadband service provided and for great customer service.”

Latest broadband speed test results: Download 22.63 Mb/s, Upload 15.55 Mb/s.


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NotSpot Broadband are an independent provider of technology to improve your broadband and designers of fully managed and supported WiFi. We get broadband into those hard to reach places. NotSpot are an approved supplier on the BDUK scheme for both out Mastband and Satellite services.

Mastband is NotSpot's new fibre beating solution. It uses the backbone of the UK's masts which is planned to cover up to 95% of the UK landmass by 2020. With Mastband, NotSpot brings fast, low latency alternative broadband to areas where standard broadband just can't reach. Mastband can bring up to 90 Mbps into your home with no new phone line or huge dish, just a small antenna on your wall and a modem in your house.

One of NotSpot’s customers:

“Thanks so much for your fantastic service! The engineer was a lovely guy who did a great job, with a most professional and courteous attitude; and wow, the speed increase from what we had before is epic! So it’s a big thumbs up from us for NotSpot! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all my questions prior to the install - I appreciated the extra mile and it was a big part of why I chose to go with NotSpot over other providers. I just wanted to let you know and please do feed this back to the team.”


Wurzel supply Superfast Rural Broadband to the hardest to reach locations. Based in the heart of the countryside in West Oxfordshire, we have helped local farms, businesses, events, estates and residential properties connect to Superfast Broadband. Many of these locations have been let down in the past and numerous Broadband companies have tried and failed. If you would like to know if we can reach your location, please visit and look for your location.

We have an extensive network in place across the rural communities of Oxfordshire and can provide installations within a few days’ notice. We are able to provide temporary or permanent connections. We have supplied high speed internet for single home use, and we have kept tens of thousands of festival goers connected this year at Cornbury festival.

One of Wurzel’s customers:

"We've been running on 1mb for the last two years and Wurzel have brought a stately home into the 21st century with our 35mb connection that suits our business and big event needs. The most amazing thing is, we could have one gigabyte but we don't need it! They specify your usage according to your premises. Great job, thanks!"

Aynhoe Park