Fixed wireless providers

In some parts of Oxfordshire, there are local wireless broadband service providers.  You can check whether they cover your area at their websites:


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Case studies

Following are some spotlight articles from the above companies and the work they are doing in Oxfordshire. 


Countryside Broadband

Countryside Broadband was founded in 2003 and is primarily a wireless provider. We specialise in providing broadband services to places where telephone-line services are poor or non-existent. The company is based in the Woodcote area and can provide connections within approximately 20 km of Woodcote. It is, however, necessary that a property has a clear radio path to one of our base stations. Trees, buildings and the shape of the terrain can cause problems. 

Our standard service offers peak speeds of 25 Mbit/s downstream and 5 Mbit/s upstream. Speeds slow down a little when traffic is heavy. There are no usage limits and a static, public IPv4 address in included. The service costs £30 (including VAT) per month and there is a connection fee of £45 (including VAT).

We install a small radio unit on the premises, typically on the TV pole, and run a cable from there to an Ethernet socket mounted on an outside wall, inside the house. The radio is powered by a small power unit which plugs into the socket. A cable-type router is connected to the socket. We can provide a suitable router or can advise on other types. If your location qualifies for the current government broadband subsidy scheme, we waive the connection fee and the router comes free of charge. We are small enough to provide a personal service and can offer custom tariffs if necessary. We can also provide free help with Internet-related computer problems when time permits.


One of Countryside Broadband’s customers, based in South Oxfordshire:

“Countryside Broadband came to our properties very swiftly to assess the site and, within a few days, had installed a radio broadband service that delivers us and our neighbours in the region of 8-15Mbps. The installation was very un-intrusive and inexpensive, and the resulting broadband service has been extremely stable, reliable and, of course, fast. It would be no exaggeration to say that it has changed our lives. Countryside Broadband’s service is inexpensive, they are always on the end of the phone, their customer service is exemplary, any maintenance that is required is carried out very quickly and professionally and they are, in short, a delight to deal with.”


Countryside Broadband's Coverage 

The map below is a composite of calculated coverage of their main stations at Woodcote and their set of relay stations.


  • lightest green - very solid coverage
  • other shades of green - lower signal strength, but still perfectly usable connections; more distant links would require a larger antenna
  • blank areas - no coverage today, but many can be reached via relay stations




SugarNet provide superfast and ultrafast internet connectivity where traditional infrastructure often fails to do so. As a local company with our head office based in North Oxfordshire, we pride ourselves on providing superb local services and support to local communities.  Through a mixture of wireless and fibre optic connectivity we offer reliable, cost effective connections to homes and business.

We don’t rely on copper telephone cables to connect our customers, so the speeds we advertise are real. There are no line rental fees, no data caps and no hidden charges, so you never have worry about getting a surprise bill. Ideal for business working with cloud solutions, remote works relying on file sharing or families keeping in touch through facetime and social media our connections are both synchronous and low latency. We don’t just advertise a flagship download speed - high upload speeds are guaranteed too. Find out if we can connect you to our superfast network, or being our connectivity to your community today:

Call:       0845 235 1010



Community Broadband Projects

Our fibre network, based out of some of the UK’s most connected data centres, allows us to bring high capacity, low latency, fibre optic connections to even the most rural communities. Working with communities and though wireless connectivity, we can distribute bandwidth in a quick, secure and cost effective manor to residents and business, providing genuine speeds and local support. If you would be interested in us bringing high speed connectivity to your community chat with one of our team today, call: 0845 235 1010


One of SugarNet’s customers:

“I work at home and so the new internet has made such a noticeable difference to me… business is a lot less hassle and I am able to get more done. Video calling is faster and much smoother too, I used to have to avoid using programs like Skype altogether but I’ve found the picture quality and speed makes it much easier to have a conversation. Thank you!” 


Village Networks

Village Networks builds and operates rural superfast broadband networks in Oxfordshire Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. The networks use fibre and wireless to reach premises and communities that other providers can’t reach. Founded in 2003, we have offices in Buckingham, home for the technical and sales support teams, and operating base for field service and support people. 

At Village Networks, we know just how important internet connections are to rural users. And we know just how much it matters, to go the extra mile – in every sense – to deliver fast, effective customer support. Thousands of users, over hundreds of connections count on Village Networks for home working, business use, leisure, and every day communications. We work hard to ensure each and every one of our subscribers gets the best possible speeds, and the best possible service, no matter where they are.

A village Networks subscription starts at just £15 a month for a basic broadband service, with unlimited Superfast connections from £40 a month. VoIP (internet telephone) subscriptions can be added for as little as £8 a month, freeing you up from conventional landline rental and call charges. Connections can be tailored to your own upload and download requirements.


One of Village Network’s customers:

"Our small village was off the map for broadband. We didn’t think there was any hope. Village Networks built a superfast fibre and wireless network for us. It’s transformed life for many of us. Not just for browsing and entertainment, but working from home is finally a practical proposition. The church and the village hall both have wifi. Getting broadband to villages like ours can be very challenging, but Village Networks worked really hard to crack the project. And their customer support service is personal, friendly and responsive."



Voneus is a rural, metro broadband wireless internet service provider, that uses innovative ways to deliver a high speed, quality service broadband, enabling families to work, play and learn at the same time. We work closely with local champions & community leaders to understand the needs of the community in order to provide a fulfilling, bespoke broadband service using, “Wireless-Fibre To The Home (W-FTTH).” 

Our minimum infrastructure maintains property aesthetic when working in areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. For rapid deployment of a service which provides upload and downloads speeds exceeding 50mgbps, contact us now:

Call our sales team: 020 3026 4123



“Families should be able to work, play and learn at the same time,” irrespective of where you choose to live.


One of Voneus’ customers:

"Stuck with sub 2Mb/sec broadband, poor mobile coverage and no realistic prospect for improvement; the arrival of Voneus brought our village into the 21st Century. The Voneus team overcame significant obstacles and then worked closely with the community to install the equipment quickly and unobtrusively. Home installation is simple with speeds in excess of 45Mb/sec. The kids can now do school work on-line and love the gaming previously denied to them. Streaming or downloading movies and music, social media, cloud services, VoIP telephony and routing mobiles over broadband are possible. Working from home and new small businesses are thriving. What truly differentiates Voneus however is the level of personal contact from initial enquiry to sorting out any niggles that arise. The whole village knows the members of the team by name and they have been genuinely helpful and friendly."



Wurzel supply Superfast Rural Broadband to the hardest to reach locations. Based in the heart of the countryside in West Oxfordshire, we have helped local farms, businesses, events, estates and residential properties connect to Superfast Broadband. Many of these locations have been let down in the past and numerous Broadband companies have tried and failed. If you would like to know if we can reach your location, please visit and look for your location.

We have an extensive network in place across the rural communities of Oxfordshire and can provide installations within a few days’ notice. We are able to provide temporary or permanent connections. We have supplied high speed internet for single home use, and we have kept tens of thousands of festival goers connected this year at Cornbury festival.


One of Wurzel’s customers:

"We've been running on 1mb for the last two years and Wurzel have brought a stately home into the 21st century with our 35mb connection that suits our business and big event needs. The most amazing thing is, we could have one gigabyte but we don't need it! They specify your usage according to your premises. Great job, thanks!"

Aynhoe Park


Yonet Telecom

Yonet have more than two decades of experience providing Internet, voice, video and data network services to clients anywhere around the world. We have worked for major international telecom operators and provided global network solutions for governments, retailers, small and medium businesses (SME) and communities. As a result, we have a breadth of experience working with old and new technologies to deliver reliable and fit for purpose solutions to clients of all shapes and sizes.

Yonet were established to ensure:

  • no Internet black spots and deliver Superfast coverage
  • improve Internet speeds to Ultrafast (300Mbps+) wherever we can

How we work:

  • ask you to complete a short questionnaire providing your address and speeds required  
  • we then find the best solution to match or exceed your needs; we may even install a new network

We won’t:

  • force you to have a service down a traditional phone line, which restricts speed and performance
  • charge you for the privilege of a phone socket on your wall - those annoying monthly rental fees


We deliver what we promise - a great service offering support and the best value you will find.

Call:                  01844 396136



One of Yonet’s customers:

“Simply delighted to be connected with a really good Internet service and our thanks to Yonet Telecom who gave us the solution we needed. Great service and support through the whole process. I would highly recommend them”

Craig Zaduck, Managing Director of Photo Transform