Coverage Map

Coverage Map

The Coverage Map shares the latest information available to the county council on current and future provision of broadband across Oxfordshire. Information comes from a number of sources and provides an indicative picture of coverage for premises in the county. The map can be used to provide an estimate of existing speeds available to premises and deatils of any planned upgrades in the near future. Additionally, the map can also show areas where our market research has suggested fibre broadband is already available or will be commercially in the next two years (commercial coverage plans relate to a number of different fibre broadband providers).

The plans for the current scope of coverage through the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire Programme may change or be delayed. This is because as the project progresses, the supplier continues to undertake planning and survey work on the ground across the county. This involves going out on site to survey all the underground ducts serving homes and businesses in the planned coverage area. If surveys encounter unforeseen difficulties, plans may be forced to change. Current and planned commercial coverage may also be subject to change.

The maps and the related coverage information contained on this site are indicative and should not be relied on or otherwise treated as a guarantee of current or future provision.

To navigate the Coverage Map there are some familiar features:

  • Search box at the top left of the map, to allow searching by postcode.
  • New feature - pop up box, this gives the full details of each premise by clicking on the circle symbol for the premises.
  • Legend - Top right hand icon with 3 lines.


  • UPRN - Unique Premises Reference Number. Every premises has a a unique reference number allocated in the base dataset used in the map which is AddressBase Premium supplied by Ordnance Survey, under license.
  • Classification - R = Residential, NR = Non-residential. This classification comes from the base dataset used in the map which is AddressBase Premium supplied by Ordnance Survey, under license.
  • In plan with Better Broadband for Oxfordshire programme - delivery underway and anticipated complete in Spring 2020.
  • In plan for Businesses in Rural Oxfordshire Programme - funded by DEFRA - delivery timescales October 2019 - March 2021
  • In plan for West Oxfordshire District Council Gigaclear programme - delivery underway, more details available from the Gigaclear website
  • In plan - funded by the Gigabit Voucher Scheme. More details of the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme are available here.
If you should have any further questions or wish to report errors with the map, please contact the Digital Infrastructure Team at: