Broadband providers

Home benefits:

  • Watch TV over the internet and download HD films and music
  • Let the whole family get online at the same time without it slowing down
  • Create, work and run a business remotely from home
  • Learn online, access healthcare and other public services more conveniently
  • Shared workspaces – online collaboration made easy




Business benefits:

  • Enable a separate ‘guest wi-fi’ capability without contending your main corporate network
  • Save network costs by replacing expensive Ethernet services with fibre broadband
  • Transform your business using Cloud services and faster data transfer
  • Create, work and run a business remotely
  • Assure business resilience with a low-cost fibre broadband back-up circuit
  • Shared workspaces and video conferencing for customers and colleagues – online collaboration made easy


If fibre broadband is already available in your area, there may be a number of providers who can offer you a superfast service using different technologies:

1. FTTC – FIBRE TO THE CABINET (speeds up to 80Mbps)

Fibre connection to your local on-street cabinet, with a copper connection from the cabinet to your property

2. FTTP – FIBRE TO THE PREMISE (speeds up to 1000Mbps)

Fibre optic connection is provided from the telephone exchange directly to your premise

3. FIXED WIRELESS (variable speeds)          

Broadband connection without cables

4. MOBILE BROADBAND 3G / 4G (variable speeds)

Download and upload speeds to your mobile device

5. SATELLITE (variable speeds)

Using a satellite dish to provide broadband services